Chanute postcard that says "greetings from Chanute Field Illinois"

Chanute's "Ole-Farts" Club and the Retiree Activities Club (July 2022)

Dining at the Chanute Air Force Base (June 2022)

The General is a Lady! Commanding Officer Norma E. Brown (May 2022)

It's Syllabus Day! Instructors and Students at the NCO Leadership School (April 2022)

Chanute Snapshot: A Look at 1972 (March 2022)

Patches, Patches, and Patches: Processing the Chanute Heritage Committee Collection (February 2022)

Chanute Air Force Base's Resident Clothing Historian: Master Sergeant Gary T. Alstrand (January 2022)

Documenting the Chanute Experience: The Collection of Leo W. Streff (December 2021)

Beyond Flight: Chanute Air Force Base Hospital 1931-1933 (November 2021)

The Life of a Rural Midwestern Woman (October 2021)

Chanute Spotlight: Charles M. Leonard (September 2021)

The Man Himself: Octave Chanute (August 2021)

Enjoy Your Stay! A Look at the Chanute Suites (July 2021)

21-Cent International Airmail Stamps Featuring Octave Chanute & His Biplane Hang-Glider (June 2021)

The Chanute Base Histories Collection (May 2021)

Air Power or Airpower? Chanute Air Force Base and the USAF Editorial Style Guide (April 2021)

A Look Inside the Chanute POW/MIA Collection (March 2021)

A Reunion at Chanute (February 2021)

Greetings from Chanute! The Envelope Art of Ladd Canney (January 2021)

Retiree Activities Program at Chanute Air Force Base (December 2020)

Chanute Spotlight: Mark A. Greene (November 2020)

Chanute Spotlight: Commanding Officer Fay R. Upthegrove (October 2020)

Rantoul's Minuteman Missile Saved at the Last Minute (September 2020)

Chanute Spotlight: The Trade Winds Service Club (August 2020)

Greetings from Chanute! Donald O. Weckhorst and Non-Verbal Communication (August 2020)

Intern Reflection: Working with the Chanute Collection (July 2020)

Update! Digitally Accessible Chanute Collection Finding Aids (June 2020)

Chanute Spotlight: Octave Chanute, "The God-father of Aviation" (April 2020)

Tuskegee Airmen: Colonel George "Spanky" Roberts (February 2020)

Greetings from Chanute! Maharishi Yogi's Attempt to Buy Chanute Air Force Base (February 2020)

Chanute Spotlight: Major General Edwin W. Robertson II (January 2020)

Resistance and Dissent at Chanute (December 2019)

Greetings from Chanute! Remembering Lucy Jane Goff (1909-2002) (November 2019)

Halloween at Chanute (October 2019)

Chanute Air Force Base Closure: 26 Year Anniversary (September 2019)

The Barling Bomber (September 2019)

Chanute Spotlight: Daniel L. Pearl, The Man with the Camera (July 2019)

Chanute Spotlight: Norine Welk, Air Force Artist (June 2019)

Chanute Spotlight: Joseph C. Gomez and the Chandelle (May 2019)

Technical Training at Chanute Air Force Base (May 2019)

Chanute Spotlight: The Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny" (April 2019)

Greetings from Chanute! Let’s visit the Dining Hall (April 2019)

Chanute Spotlight: Mary Ruth Clemons (March 2019)

Chanute Spotlight: The Braun Family (February 2019)

Thank You, Donald O. Weckhorst (January 2019)

Unidentified Flying Objects and Chanute Air Force Base (December 2018)

The Story of Chanute Field's 29th Commanding Officer, 1940-1944, 1946 (September 2018)

Chanute AFB Closed 25 Years Ago (September 2018)

Hired 2 new Archives Interns for 2018-2019 to work exclusively with the Chanute Collection (August 2018) 

The 505th Air Force Band (March 2018)

Chanute's Great Parachute Rescue (January 2018)

Snow Days at Chanute (December 2017)

Bing - The Parachuting Dog (October 2017)

Name this Plane (September 2017)

Hired 2nd Archives Intern to work exclusively with the Chanute Collection (August 2017)

Chanute Through the Decades (August 2017)

"The City Beyond" (July 2017)

The Civil Air Patrol at Chanute (June 2017)

Chanute's Golden Anniversary (May 2017)

Celebrating 100 years (May 2017)

Photographs from Chanute's Annual Open House (April 2017)

Chanute Air Force Base Celebrates Women (March 2017)

Hired an Archives Intern to work exclusively with the Chanute Collection (February 2017)

Chanute Airmen Feed the Birds (January 2017)

Photo Album: Daily Life at Chanute (August 2016)

Move Day (June 2016)

Deed of Gift signed! (May 2016)


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