Octave Chanute Portrait, stylized with a glider plane and a jet plane

We have talked about the many different men and women who have passed through Chanute Air Force Base and all of the great things they have accomplished. However, the man whose name the base carries is not as widely known. A renowned engineer, who would spend his later years working with notable figures like the Wright brothers, Octave Chanute's early work helped lay the foundation for human flight and the technical training that would later be achieved at Chanute Air Force Base. 

Chaute Glider, glider prototype with 3 men standing at to of a sand duneOctave Chanute was born in 1832 and began his career in the United States with a focus on railroad engineering. Much of his work was completed in Chicago, Ohio, Kansas, and Mississippi. Around the age of sixty, Chanute directed his focus towards the goal of flying and designed many different gliders. He declined to patent any of his designs. He actively collaborated with other experimenters, therefore creating a reputation of a man who dedicated himself to knowledge and the sharing of progress over money. Chanute's research and advice would help guide the Wright brothers to success after Chanute stopped attempting his flight experiments in 1900.    

After Octave Chanute's death on November 23, 1910, the Chanute Air Force Base was named in his honor in 1917. But that was not the end of Chanute's legacy at the base! His great-grandson "Ox" Chanute, a former Air Force Captain and advocate for aircraft research, would later work with the base on preserving a scale model of Chanute's glider that would be held in a place of honor at the base. So while Octave Chanute's vital work in the success of flying innovations may not have been recognized during his lifetime, we can continue to honor and remember his life's work through the history of the Chanute Air Force Base.

- Rosemary Froeliger
  Archives Intern