Can you identify the following aircraft that were flown at Chanute field? (Find the answer by clicking on each image)

Number 1

    Curtiss JN-4


Number 2

Witteman-Lewis XNBL-1

Number 3

Boeing P-12

Number 4

Boeing XB-15Boeing XB-15

Number 5

Lockheed F-104

The idea for this blog post came from a contest held by the Chanute Library in December 1982. For their “Warrior of the Skies” contest, the library posted a display board with 20 unidentified airplanes in the student mall Information Center. The first three people to submit a paper that correctly listed all aircraft name and numbers received gift certificates and a free airplane ride courtesy of Chanute’s Aero Club.  The library created the contest to support Chanute’s Project Warrior, a program that started in the 1980s to organize activities that would improve the warfighting spirit in the Air Force.

Information about the aircraft featured in this blog came from the book Aircraft History Roll Call, 1917-1987, created by the Chanute History Office. The book includes photographs and key facts about more than a hundred Chanute planes.

-Liz, Archives Intern