Meeting Rooms Guideline

The Library offers an auditorium, a conference room, and two small study rooms. When not in use by the Library or the City, The Urbana Free Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms by individuals or organizations for informational, educational, cultural, and civic meetings. Meeting rooms are available without charge to individuals, not-for-profit, and community groups.

By reserving a room, meeting room users agree to the Library’s Meeting Room Policy and the Rules of Behavior Policy. Please read these documents before moving forward with a room reservation.

Only covered drinks are allowed in the study rooms. However, light refreshments and covered drinks are allowed in the auditorium and conference room.

Finally, masks are recommended for all visitors. Thank you for using the Library!

Reserving the Auditorium or Conference Room

Book a room online.

Reserving the Study Rooms

Call 217-367-4405 to book a Study Room.