The Library debuted a board game collection on National Gaming Day, November 2010.Board Games Logo

Our game collection is always available for checkout and can be found on the second floor.  Please visit CU Catalog to see our full list of game titles, or click here for a list of games for the whole family.

Wait, Why Does the Library Have Board Games?

The Library’s board games are fun and recreational, but many are also educational and require players to exercise strategic skills to determine their next best move. Pandemic teaches teamwork as players work together to eradicate disease, Upwords makes players exercise their vocabularies, and games with long histories like Go are a cultural experience to play.

As our interactions with others are increasingly facilitated by computers, playing a game in person with other people and with tactile pieces becomes a more unique and welcome experience. We hope our game collection can help Urbana citizens connect with one another and build community. People from any background can learn the rules and play a game together. For a small investment of time, gaming is a hobby in which you can meet people and expand your circle of friends.

Can I Suggest Games to Add to the Collection?

Yes! The Library welcomes suggestions (and feedback) from the community to continue cultivating a game collection that fits the needs and interests of Urbana citizens. Please send your inquiries and comments to and click here to suggest a purchase.