There has been a new exhibit installed in the case outside of the Archives featuring the News-Gazette Collection. Donated in 2020, the collection includes newspaper clippings, Stevick family archival materials, business correspondence, among many other interesting materials! The exhibit covers the history of the paper, the family who owned the paper, and the items in the collection.

Photograph of the Champaign Daily News (future News-Gazette) office with delivery trucks parked outside.

Before it became The News-Gazette as we know it, our local newspaper went through many transformations. The history of The News-Gazette can be traced all the way back to 1858, when The Spirit of the Agricultural Press was bought by a new owner and turned into The Central Illinois Gazette.  The exhibit traces the history of the paper from this first sale to the most recent, delving into the histories of the Stevick family, David, Helen, and Marajen, who owned the paper from 1915 until 2002.


Photograph of the exhibit case outside of the Archives. The case contains an exhibit about the history of The News-Gazette and The News-Gazette Collection

Visit the Archives to learn more about the collection, and see archival material from the collection on display!

-Sara B.

Archives Librarian