Champaign County Historical Archives can provide off-site patrons with photocopies or scanned images of records based on the following criteria:

  • Indexed items in our comprehensive catalog Local History Online.
  • Print sources (books or periodicals) that have indexes.
  • Any sources where an exact citation is provided; this includes month/day/year for newspaper articles. 

This service is provided for a non-refundable fee of $10.00 per 10 items requested, plus photocopying/scanning charges and postage (payable by check or credit card).

To submit your request for copies of records found in Champaign County Historical Archives:

  • Complete your request and payment ONLINE.
  • Or submit your request and payment by MAIL.

Requests will be filled by Champaign County Historical Archives staff as time permits. Once you have submitted your request and service fee, Archives staff will calculate the additional costs to complete the order (see pricing schedule below). Staff will then forward the requested items to you once the additional payment has been received. 



$0.50 per page


$0.50 per scan

Shipping for printed copies

via USPS Media Mail® (unless otherwise arranged by patron). Rates can be found at

Please Note: The Archives is unable to provide photographic quality prints. 

All images and documents copied are for “fair use” personal or research purposes only as defined by § 107 of the Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code). The Archives reserves the right to refuse requests that are deemed to be outside the parameters of “fair use” as defined in the Copyright Act. Patrons assume all responsibility for questions of copyright that may possibly arise in the reproduction and in the use they make of the items reproduced. Permission to reproduce (on paper or digitally) does not constitute permission to publish in print or online.