We may have made it safely out of winter, but here in the Midwest, unpredictable winters are a fact of life. There is one thing you can be sure of. When the roads are bad, it is important to drive safe, and driving safe is easier when your tires are in good shape. Speaking of tires, here is a collection of tire ads from the 1920’s.

Diamond Tires Advertisement

According to this ad from the July 1, 1920 Courier, Diamond Tires are highly prevalent. There are “more than two million” to be precise. That’s more tires than there are people in Phoenix, Arizona (according to 2020 figures). That’s a lot of tires! What’s more, they are “full of life.” Sounds like we could all use a set of Diamond Tires.

Firestone Tires Advertisement

If you want a good tire and more bang for your buck, this Firestone tire ad featured in the July 1, 1920 Courier might be worth looking at. These tires “which are built on real thrift from start to finish” guarantee the “most miles per dollar.” Go out a buy a set today!

Miller Tires Advertisement

Maybe you don’t like the other options and want a tire with more mileage. This Miller Tires ad from the July 2, 1920 Courier says that Miller Tires give an “added 50% to tire mileage.” That extra life can add up if you find yourself taking long road trips or if you have a long daily commute. Enjoy more time on the road by purchasing a set of Miller Tires.

-Shalini S.

Archives Librarian