In order to best meet the needs of our users and our community, it is important that the Archives has materials that are relevant. Recently, we have added three new sets of microfilmed publications to our collection. the new additions include:

The African American History Bulletin, from October 1960 to 1999

Officially known as the “Black History Bulletin”, this periodical “is dedicated to enhancing and learning in the areas of history.” It features peer-reviewed information about the African American experience, particularly as it relates to “African Americans in U.S. history, the African Diaspora generally, and the peoples of Africa.” 1

The Journal of African American History, from January 1935 to Winter 1982

This scholarly publication was “founded by Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1916 and is the official publication of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH).”2 It has focused on many topics related to the African American experience. Readers of the journal can also find scholarly articles as well as book reviews.

The Prospectus, the Parkland College Newspaper, from December 1968 – December 1996

Since its creation in 1968, this newspaper has been published “exclusively [by] students of Parkland College with a variety of majors and career interests.”3 Staff on the paper are not limited to those in certain fields of study. As a result, it is a paper that is varied in content, while also being relevant to a large number of students at Parkland.

If you would like to view any of the new microfilm, please stop into the Archives any time that we are open. If you’ve never used a microfilm machine before, no problem! We would be more than happy to show you how.

-Shalini Smith

Archives Librarian



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