The newspaper has always been a great place to put advertisements. Especially if the advertisements pertain to vital products, like food. Check out this collection of food ads from the papers of the past.

Here is an ad for a product that can still be found in stores today. Found in the July 3, 1920 News-Gazette, it’s everybody’s favorite: the super healthy Grape-Nuts!

Grape nuts ad


Now for something a little less healthy. Champaign Ice Cream Co. ran this ad in the July 7, 1920 News-Gazette. Champaign Ice Cream Co. was in business from 1913 to 1929 when it became the Meadow Gold Ice Cream Division of Beatrice Foods.

Champaign ice cream co ad

This final ad asks a very important question, do you like oranges? If so, Orange Crush might be the beverage for you. This ad can be found in the July 8, 1920 News-Gazette. Similar to Grape-Nuts, this is a product that can still be found on shelves today.

Orange crush ad

-Shalini Smith

Archives Assistant