Ailments are a fact of life. They happen to all of us at some point. Whether it is a headache, a sore throat, or a stomach ache, a wide variety of products are available to treat what ails us. What better way to advertise to potential customers than to place an ad in the paper? Unfortunately, many past medicinal ads and the products they were designed to sell were often questionable. Despite that, they were featured in the newspapers of yesteryear. Here is an assortment of ads for medicinal products.

Ever wonder why your head hurts? It’s probably because your blood has been poisoned by stomach or bowel disorders and now your whole body is suffering. Or at least, that is what the makers of Beecham’s pills were claiming. This ad came from the July 3, 1920 News-Gazette.

Beacham's Pills Ad

Are you curious about where Rheumatism comes from? This ad, featured in the July 3, 1920 News-Gazette, claims that the source is Tiny Pain Demons/germs in the blood. In order to cure this affliction, you need the blood purifier S.S.S.! No, it probably doesn’t work, but at least the title of the ad is amusing.

Rheumatism Medicine Ad

Now to a product that is a little more familiar (and useful). Bayer Aspirin can still be found on store shelves today. Albeit, an ad from today may look a little different. This ad was found in the July 2, 1920 News-Gazette.

Aspirin Ad


-Shalini Smith

Archives Assistant