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In previous blog posts Interesting Ordinances from Urbana, 1916 and Interesting Ordinances from Urbana, 1954 Urbana's city codes have been in the spotlight. Now, it is time for Champaign to have its share of the limelight. Please enjoy a selection of city codes that may be worded strangely, are oddly specific, or just seem like plain common sense. Any codes that still exist will have their current equivalent listed from Municode.


These codes have been taken from The Code of the City of Champaign, Illinois 1975.

Chapter 10: Fire Prevention

Sec. 10-77 Smoking at firework displays

No person in charge of any public displays of fireworks shall smoke at any time during which such public display is going on or in the vicinity of materials to be used for such displays. (Code 1964, § 21.101.)
Current code: Sec. 13-26. - Smoking by operators at fireworks display prohibited.
See also: current Sec. 13-84. - No smoking during the loading or unloading of certain hazardous materials: Smoking shall be prohibited around any loading or unloading process involving any type of explosives, fireworks, flammable liquids, combustible liquids, flammable gases, oxidizer or organic peroxides.

Sec. 10-84 Slippery Pavements
No person shall operate any vehicle carrying explosives on any street in the City that is so slippery because of ice, snow or from any other cause to be unsafe for driving.
(Code 1964, §21.704.)
Current code: There is no current equivalent to this code.

Chapter 14: Morals and Conduct

Sec 14-38 Ringing Doorbells
No person shall ring any doorbell or knock on any door for the purpose of annoying the occupants of the premises.
Current code: There is no current equivalent to this code.
Note: Even though there is not a current equivalent code for this, this is just morally wrong. Please don't do this.

Sec 14-62 Bonfires

No person shall build or light any bonfire so close to any building or other structure as to endanger such building or structure or on any asphalt street of sidewalk pavement.
(Code 1964, §22.212.)
Current code: Sec. 13-7. - Bonfires.

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