A lot of items that we use today are technological advances from years past. Take, for example, the automobile. In 1920, you might not have been able to buy an SUV with rearview cameras and a collision-avoidance system, but you could still buy an automobile. In this post, I have collected some car advertisemetns that were featured 100 years ago.

One option available for sale was the Paige Light Six, which was dubbed “The Most Beautiful Car in America.”

Advertisement for Paige Light Six, The News-Gazette, July 8, 1920

News-Gazette, July 8, 1920

If the Paige Light Six isn’t your style, perhaps this next car will be. Here is the Jordan Silhouette Five.

Advertisement for Jordan Silhouette Five, The News-Gazette, July 4, 1920

News-Gazette, July 4, 1920

If that one didn’t suit your fancy, I have one more to show you, the Hupmobile!

Advertisement for Hupmobile, Couier, July 3, 1920

Courier, July 3, 1920 

From these ads, it is easy to see the differences between 1920 and today, but there is no doubt that cars were important even 100 years ago. Time will only tell if cars will be important 100 years from now.

- Shalini Smith
  Archives Assistant