The Archives has a collection of newsletters from various local groups. These include area chapters of national organizations, like the League of Women Voters, as well as newsletters from major employers and companies like Carle, Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District, school districts and more! Old newsletters contain a trove of knowledge about the times they were published in, and the organizations themselves.

This post, the first in a new series featuring the newsletter collections, will take a look at newsletters from Carle Foundation Hospital, the Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District, and the Champaign Ski Club.

Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District

As a company that helps community members get places, it only makes sense that the Mass Transit District (MTD) would have a newsletter, Bus Lines. While the Archives doesn’t have many issues of this publication, the issues we have are full of information! One issue features a history of MTD. This includes photos of buses that were in service in 1971. For those who may be curious about the history of MTD, this can be a great stepping stone to finding other resources. Besides the history of MTD and photos, there are photos and articles that were created by local individuals.

Masthead of the Mass Transit District's newletter, Bus Lines.

Carle Foundation Hospital

Our collection features many newsletters from Carle. Two of the publications are discussed here.

Carle Comments was a bi-monthly publication for patients of the Carle Clinic Association. It contained information regarding Carle news, health and prevention tips, as well as information about doctors and insurance.

Unlike the Carle Comments newsletter, Carle News was an internal publication. It featured staff news, such as information about new hires, meetings, and names of employees who serve on committees. It also featured information about what happens in various departments.

An image of the Carle Comments newletter masthead.An image of the Carle newsletter, the Carle News.

Champaign Ski Club

Interested in skiing or know someone who is? The Champaign Ski Club, which is a member of the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council and the Ski Kouncil of Illinois, has a publication called The Lift Line. The Archives has two boxes, each with several folders of the publication. This publication features information about meetings, planned trips, as well as information about cookouts, gatherings, etc.

Champaign Ski Club's newsletter masthead, featuring a woman skiing captioned, "good times comin'!"

These are just a small sample of newsletters that can be found in the Archives. If you are interested in seeing any of our newsletters, please feel free to come in anytime we are open.

-Shalini Smith

Archives Librarian