It’s time for another edition of Old Newspaper Ads! Each of the following ads are for health products being sold in 1919.

Step aside Head and Shoulders, you’ve got some serious competition. If you want “lots of beautiful hair” then look no further than Danderine. From the March 29, 1919 Champaign Daily News ad, this product sounds like a wonder drug. It “removes all dandruff, stops itching scalp and falling hair.” But wait, there’s more! In 10 minutes, “there will be an appearance of abundance, freshness, fluffiness, and an incomparable gloss and lustre [sic].” After two weeks, you’ll have “new hair – sprouting out all over your scalp.”

Black and white images of a shampoo ad in a newspaper.Text from a newspaper ad.

From the March 28, 1919 Champaign Daily News is an ad for Dr. Bells Pine-Tar-Honey. It’s good for coughs and colds and can relieve a variety of symptoms including congestion and throat tickle. By taking this medicine, you will “lose no time in helping Nature to break obstinate colds or coughs.” ‘Tis the season for sniffles, so maybe consider giving this a try.

Pine tar honey ad.

Are you so itchy that you can’t keep you mind focused on work? Happens to the best of us! Luckily, there is Resinol for instant relief. Advertised in the April 1, 1919 Champaign Daily News, this medicine is available as a soap and as an ointment. Whichever one you use, “they contain a healing and soothing medication that usually gets right in and arrests the trouble properly.” Also, by writing in to the company, you can get a free trial of the soap and the ointment. So, stop scratching and get back to work!

Newspaper ad for resinol itch relief ointment.

-Shalini Smith

Archives Assistant