Stack of three books

While fiction is great, sometimes it’s nice to read a book that teaches useful skills. Here are some books the library has recently acquired that contain practical information.

"Financial First Aid" by Alyssa Davies
Managing finances can be very difficult. When disaster strikes, be it through the loss of a job, a natural disaster, or another calamity, it can be hard to recover financially. This book contains advice for how to get through those times when there are too many expenses and not enough income.

"How to Fix Stuff" by Tom Scalisi and Tanya Watson
We have all encountered things that could be considered broken (and some of us have a way of breaking things daily). Therefore, being able to fix broken things is a vital skill. This book is a DIY guide for home repair that features practical hacks for your house and your garden. With step by step instructions and images, you too can undertake your own repairs.

"Teen Baking Bootcamp" by Matthew Merril
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like baked goods? Hungry teens definitely like baked goods. However, not every teen is kitchen savvy. From peanut butter cookies to cakes, cheesecake to macarons, this book will get teens baking in no time.