Library patrons can now submit 3D print requests to be printed on the Library's 3D printer. With this service, Library staff will take 3D designs you create or download from the Internet and "print" a three-dimensional object in plastic.

Pricing and Requirements

  • Print jobs must comply with the Library's 3D Printing Service Policy.
  • Your file must be submitted in .STL  or .OBJ format.
  • Print jobs must take 10 hours or less.
  • Patrons are responsible for removing supports, rafts (the bottom support layer), and other extraneous material from finished print jobs.
  • Prints are $.12 per gram with a $2 per job fee.

3D Printing Resources

  • Search file repositories for objects ready to print or customize. Try Thingiverse or these other sites.
  • Design an object using 3D modeling software. Tinkercad is a simple Web-based 3D design program that is great for beginners. Additional 3D software can be found here.
  • For more information on 3D printing see the FAQ section. See some examples of print jobs on the 3D Printing Ideas page and check out all the resources in the Library's collection!


3D Printing Ideas 

Submit a Print Job