Opportunities for library and information science students

The Urbana Free Library offers a variety of opportunities for graduate students enrolled in information and library science programs.


The practicum is a professional field experience program designed to provide a currently enrolled student with the opportunity to work in a professional environment under the supervision of an experienced librarian and with the guidance of a faculty member. For more information about practicum opportunities at The Urbana Free Library, please contact:

Services for Adults
Rachel Fuller | rfuller@urbanafree.org or 217-367-4405

Services for Teens
Joel Spencer | jspencer@urbanafree.org or 217-367-4405

Services for Children
Rachel Fuller | rfuller@urbanafree.org or 217-367-4405

Champaign County Historical Archives
Anke Voss | avoss@urbanafree.org or 217-367-4025

Information Technology
M.C. Neal | it@urbanafree.org or 217-367-4058


The Urbana Free Library offers paid internships in the Champaign County Historical Archives and in Adult and Youth Services to outstanding students specializing in archives administration or public library service who are currently enrolled at a school of information and library science.  Internships are designed to give students a wide range of library experience in archives administration or services to children, teen and adults.  Students may hold these positions for up to two years while completing their degrees, including semester breaks and intervals between semesters.  Internships end at graduation or at the end of two years, whichever occurs first. For more information, please contact Anke Voss at 217-367-4025 or by email at avoss@urbanafree.org.

Computer Lab Volunteer Opportunities

The Urbana Free Library is looking for college students who would enjoy helping our patrons improve their technology skills. Volunteer responsibilities include assisting patrons using the Internet and office suite software, helping patrons sign up for email accounts, assisting patrons with our wide variety of online databases, and troubleshooting computer, printer, and copy machine issues. For more information, please contact Joel Spencer at 217-367-4405 or by email at jspencer@urbanafree.org.