New DVDs March 2013

To locate a title and place a hold request, you can search our online catalog. You can also call Adult Services at 217-367-4405 – if the film you’re looking for is available, we’ll be happy to hold it for you.

Entertainment DVDs

DVD / ANN Anna Karenina
DVD / BAD Badlands (Criterion Collection)
DVD / BAY The Bay
DVD / CLE Cleanskin
DVD / COL That Cold Day in the Park
DVD / DAR Dark Truth
DVD / DAY Day of the Falcon
DVD / EYE Eyes Wide Shut
DVD / FAL Falling Uphill
DVD / GIR The Girl
DVD / GOI (Terry Pratchett's) Going Postal 
DVD / GUN Gun Hill Road
DVD / HEM Hemingway and Gellhorn
DVD / HIT Hitchcock
DVD / HOB The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey
DVD / HOU House at the End of the Street
DVD / HOW How to Fall in Love
DVD / IN  In Our Nature
DVD / KIL Killing Them Softly
DVD / LAY Lay the Favorite
DVD / LIF Life of Pi
DVD / LIN Lincoln
DVD / LON Long Day's Journey Into Night
DVD / LOV Love's Everlasting Courage
DVD / MAN Man with the Iron Fists
DVD / MIN Ministry of Fear (Criterion Collection)
DVD / MIS Les Miserables
DVD / MON Monsieur Verdoux
DVD / MOT The Moth Diaries
DVD / PAR Parental Guidance
DVD / PER A Perfect Ending
DVD / PRE A Previous Engagement
DVD / PUL Pulp Fiction (Collector's Edition)
DVD / RIS Rise of the Guardians
DVD / ROS Rosewood Lane
DVD / SMA Smashed
DVD / THI This Must Be the Place
DVD / THR 360
DVD / UNC Unconditional
DVD / YEL Yelling to the Sky
DVD / ZER Zero Dark Thirty

International Language DVDs

DVD / ALO Alois Nobel
DVD / ALP Alps = Alpeis [Greek]
DVD / BLE Bleak Night = Pasookkoon [Korean]
DVD / EIT Either Way = Á annan veg [Icelandic]
DVD / HEL Heleno [Portuguese]
DVD / HOL Holy Motors [French]
DVD / OFF Off White Lies = Orhim le-rega [Hebrew]
DVD / ROY A Royal Affair = Kongelig affære [Danish]
DVD / RUS Rust and Bone [French]
DVD / TIM Time of My Life = Tot altijd [Danish]

Television DVDs

DVD / BOR Borgias: The Second Season 
DVD / BOS Boss: Season Two
DVD / CON Continuum: Season One
DVD / DAN Dance Moms: Season One
DVD / DIR Dirk Gently
DVD / FOO A Football Life: Season One
DVD / HIT Hit & Miss
DVD / INJ Injustice
DVD / LUT Luther 2
DVD / MEN Men at Work: The Complete First Season
DVD / MOB Mob Doctor: The Complete Series
DVD / PUB Public Enemies 
DVD / RIP Ripper Street
DVD / VEE Veep: The Complete First Season
DVD / WOD Wodehouse Playhouse: The Complete Collection

Music DVDs

DVFO / 967.51 / STA Benda Bilili! = Look Beyond Appearances [French]
DVFO / 941 / MUM Mumford and Sons: The Road to Red Rocks
DVRO / DYL Bob Dylan and the Band: Down In The Flood
DVRO / REP Color Me Obsessed: A Film About the Replacements
DVRO / ROL The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling: Ireland 1965
DVRO / WHO The Who: From the Bush to the Valley: Keith Moon Years