New DVDs January 2013

To locate a title and place a hold request, you can search our online catalog. You can also call Adult Services at 217-367-4405 – if the film you’re looking for is available, we’ll be happy to hold it for you.

New Entertainment DVDs

DVD AME American Dreamz
DVD BAC Back to the Future
DVD BAC Back to the Future II
DVD BAC Back to the Future III
DVD BOO Boogie Nights
DVD BRA Branded
DVD CEL Celese and Jesse Forever
DVD COL Cold Light of Day
DVD COM Compliance
DVD END End of Watch
DVD FRA Frankenweenie
DVD GON Gone with the Wind (70th Anniversary ed.)
DVD HIT Hit & Run
DVD HUN The Hunger
DVD INN Inn of the Sixth Happiness
DVD LOV The Love Section
DVD MAN The Man Who Knew Too Much (Criterion Collection)
DVD MIL Million Dollar Baby
DVD NOB Nobody Walks
DVD OBS Obselidia
DVD PAP The Paperboy 
DVD PAR Paranormal Activity 4
DVD PIX Pixar Short Films: Collection One
DVD PIX Pixar Short Films: Collection Two
DVD POS The Possession
DVD RED Red Hook Summer
DVD SCH School of Rock
DVD SEA Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden
DVD SEV Seven Psychopaths
DVD SOU The Sound of My Voice
DVD TAK Taken 2
DVD TO To Rome with Love
DVD TRO The Trouble with Bliss
DVD UPT Uptight
DVD WIS The Wise Kids
DVD WON Won't Back Down


New Educational DVDs

DVD / 203.8 / SAM   Samsara
DVD / 320.973 / TWO 2016 Obama’s America: Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him
DVD / 338.0922 / QUE Queen of Versailles
DVD / 709.2 / AI  Ai Weiwei [English & Mandarin]
DVD / 792.7028 / I  I Ain’t Scared of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac
DVD / 973.0496 / MOR More Than A Month
DVD / 973.922 / CUB Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go To War


New International Language DVDs

DVD / FAR Farewell, My Queen = Adieux à la reine [French]
DVD / FOU Found Memories = Historias que so existem quando lembradas [Portuguese]
DVD / LIT Little White Lies = Petits mouchoirs [French]
DVD / TAI Tai Chi Zero = Cong ling kai shi [Mandarin]
DVD / WAR War Witch = Rebelle [French and Lingala]


New Television Series DVDs

DVD / ABS Absolutely Fabulous (Absolutely Everything)
DVD / ARC Archer: The Complete Season Three
DVD / DOC Doctor Who: Shada
DVD / DOW Downton Abbey: Season Three
DVD / ENL Enlightened: The Complete First Season
DVD / HOU The Hour: 2
DVD / LIF Life’s Too Short: The Complete First Season
DVD / MEN Men of a Certain Age: The Complete Second Season
DVD / PAN Pan Am: The Complete Series
DVD / PIT Pit Bulls & Parolees. Seasons 1&2
DVD / RED Red Dwarf X
DVD / SMA Smash: Season One


New Music Performance and Documentary DVDs

DVRO LED Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
DVRO ROD Searching for Sugar Man


New Anime DVDs

DVD / INU Inuyashi: The Final Act (Set 1)