News-Gazette Archives Collection

Sample of records and manuscripts of Marajen Stevick Chinigo in the News-Gazette Archives Collection On June 15, 2020, the Champaign County Historical Archives of The Urbana Free Library became the new home for the News-Gazette's archival holdings. Over 1,000 square feet of materials were transferred to the Library in a semi-truck that was packed to capacity. The collection is currently housed on the lower level of the Lincoln Square Mall, across the street from the Library. During the acquisition process, the Library partnered with the Champaign History Museum, the University of Illinois Archives, and the University of Illinois History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library.

The Urbana Free Library inherits N-G archives | Tom Kacich 

Collection Details

The bulk of the collection contains over 40 file cabinets of subject and name files including clippings, photos, and records, that are alphabetized. Nearly 350 boxes of inactive subject clippings files are also part of this large clippings, photographs, and records portion of the collection. There are also bound volumes of county newspapers in addition to administrative papers, sports reference information, maps, microfilm, promotional materials, and a library of books. The Library is also home to the records and manuscripts of Marajen Stevick Chinigo. 

 Example of clipping file from News-Gazette Archives Collection    

Subject Clippings Index

Archives staff is working on an index to the clippings files and it is updated at least once per month. Access the most up to date copy of the index here

*Note: subject headings are listed as they appear in the original News-Gazette clippings files, which were archived starting in 1945. These headings may contain outdated terminology. In the spirit of the archival principle of provenance, these headings have not been altered. 

Champaign County Digital Newspapers Collection 

Archives staff have scanned a limited number of newspaper clippings that can be accessed online through our Digital Newspapers Collection. We expect this collection to grow, so check back often!

Using the collection

Staff can search the files by name or subject and pull those files for viewing at the Champaign County Historical Archives. Please allow 48 hours for retrieval.

If you cannot make it to the Library, please see our How to Order Copies page for details.


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