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Past Years: 2019 | 2020

May 2021

Trivia Q: Where was Valentine Baker’s, the original ice man’s, warehouse located?

Trivia A: Valentine Baker's warefouse was located on the Illinois Central track near Springfield Avenue.

April 2021

Trivia Q: What international pilot took his Flying Cadet entrance exam at Chanute Air Force Base in January of 1924. Hint: A replica of the plane he flew internationally was on display at the Chanute Air Force Base.

Trivia A: Charles Lindbergh took his Flying Cadet entrance exam at Chanute Air Force Base before moving on to Brooks Field in San Antonio, Texas for training.

March 2021

Trivia Q: Who was Urbana's first female mayor?

Trivia A: Laurel Lunt Prussing was Urbana’s first female mayor. She was elected in 2005, then again in 2009 and 2013. What a run!

February 2021

Trivia Q: When were Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Kappa Alpha, the U of I’s first historically Black fraternity and sorority established? 

Trivia A: Kappa Alpha Psi was established in 1913 and Alpha Kappa Alpha was established in 1914. They provided the first on-campus housing for Black students. The U of I did not open their residence halls to Black students until 1946.

January 2021

Trivia Q: Local band Sun Stereo plays the Canopy Club every New Year's Eve. What year did this tradition begin?

Trivia A: 2013