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February 2022

Trivia Q: R.W. Shoemaker moved to town in 1854. He was Champaign's (then called West Urbana) first of which profession? Hint: he wasn't a cobbler! The answer can be found in History of Champaign County, Illinois with Illustrations, from 1878 and the History of Champaign County by J.O. Cunningham.

Trivia A: Dr. R.W. Shoemaker was Champaign's first physician and taught at Champaign's first school house. When he would make house calls, his wife would take over in the classroom.

January 2022

Trivia Q: In the winter of 1854-1855, which Champaign County village was moved to be closer to the newly laid Great Western railroad line?

Trivia A: The entire village of Homer was moved 1.5 miles south to be closer to the newly laid Great Western railroad line.  The houses were placed on skids and moved to the new location during the winter of 54’-55’.