Meeting Rooms

**Study rooms and meeting rooms are now available.

Meeting Rooms Guideline

The Library offers an auditorium and two small study rooms. When not in use by the Library or the City, The Urbana Free Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms by individuals or organizations for informational, educational, cultural, and civic meetings. Meeting rooms are available without charge to individuals, not-for-profit, and community groups.

By reserving a room, meeting room users agree to the Library’s Meeting Room Policy and the Rules of Behavior Policy. Please read these documents before moving forward with a room reservation.

Please note the change from the Meeting Room Policy that the Satterthwaite Conference Room is not available for reservation at this time. Also, only covered drinks are allowed in the auditorium and study rooms.

Finally, please follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask completely over your nose and mouth and practice social distancing if you are not fully vaccinated. Thank you for using the Library!

Reserving the Auditorium

Reservations can be made online. You will receive an email to finalize and confirm your reservation.  Your room is not reserved until you receive an email confirmation from the Library.  If you have questions, please call the Question Desk at 217-367-4069.

The Lewis Auditorium:

  • May be reserved online up to six months in advance.
  • Must be reserved at least 72 hours prior to the event.
  • May have up to 6 meeting room reservations per group at any one time.
  • No more than 2 events per week may be scheduled.

Cancellations can be made online with the reservation confirmation number or by calling the Question Desk at 217-367-4069.

Lewis Auditorium (Covered drinks only, no food allowed)
Location: Ground Floor
Max Occupancy: 130
Items Available for Use: 130 chairs, 38 tables (30 tables are 6 feet long; 8 tables are 5 feet long), a lectern, a projection screen, an audio-visual cart with an extension cord, a ceiling-mounted projector, and a small grand piano.

Reserving the Study Rooms

Reservations can be made one week in advance at the second floor Reference Desk or by calling 217-367-4405.

  • Study rooms may be reserved for two-hour blocks.
  • The rooms can accommodate up to eight people.
  • Rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance. In general, a patron is able to make two study room reservations per week. (Anyone with special circumstances can appeal to the Department Head).
  • A patron’s time begins when the reservation time begins or when they enter the room (whichever comes first).
  • Whenever possible, please give 24 hour cancellation notice so that the room is available for others.
  • If no one arrives to claim a room reservation, the room will be open to others after fifteen minutes.
  • If the room is vacant, a patron who has already had the room twice in the week may use it; however, they may be asked to leave if another patron makes a reservation to use the room.
  • The study rooms will be cleared fifteen minutes before closing time to allow staff time to conduct closing procedures.

Study Rooms (Covered drinks only, no food allowed)
Items Available for Use: chairs, a table, and a white board
Location: 2nd Floor
Max Occupancy: 8