Getting Ready for Self-Check

April 11, 2014

We are excited to offer you an added DIY service for checking out materials and managing your library account.  If you prefer that personal touch, the circulation staff are still available to help you check out your materials and answer questions. 

How many self-check kiosks are there, and where are they located?  

There are four--three by the stairs on the first floor and a fourth in Children’s Services on the ground floor. 

What can I check out using the self-check kiosks?

  • Books, magazines, and books on disc in the adult collection.
  • Most materials in Children’s Services.

Holds and DVDs and CDs in the adult collection remain behind the circulation desk where you will need your library card or photo ID to check out.   

What if I forget my library barcode number or password?  We always recommend that you carry your library card with you.  But if you forget your barcode or password, stop by the circulation desk and ask the library staff how you can obtain that information.

What if my barcode is too worn out to scan?  At the kiosk, press keyboard on the screen and type in your library barcode number.  If you are an Urbana cardholder, you can obtain a replacement card at the circulation desk.   

Can I pay my fees at the self-check kiosks and renew items I have checked out?  Yes you can!  The kiosk payment towers accept cash and credit/debit cards (coming soon!).  Once you log in, you can request renewals for items on your account. 

How will I know my checkout at a self-check kiosk is successful?  Leave your items in the kiosk slot until a green checkmark appears next to each item, which means the checkout is complete and security has been turned off. If any items do not check out successfully, please take them to the circulation desk. 

Can I search the collection and place hold requests from the self-check kiosks?  You can search and place requests at one of the CU Catalog computers throughout the library or ask at the info desk, Adult Services, or Children’s Services.


March 17, 2014

At long last we have news!  Bibliotheca staff members will be on-site at The UFL the week of April 14 to install and configure our new equipment and to train library staff. We are thrilled that this project is nearing completion and we will soon be able to offer this added DIY service to library users! 

This weekend, the self-service kiosks will be moved from their hiding places to locations behind the scenes that are closer to their final destinations--three by the stairs on the first floor and one in Children's Services on the ground floor.  Over the next few weeks we'll be making some changes to shelving in public areas to accommodate for self-selection of some media materials.

We are getting closer!


January 2, 2014

We continue to work closely with Bibliotheca to resolve the technical issues that have delayed the project to this point. We have moved ahead where we can, getting wiring in place for the self-check kiosks, and preparing parts of the audiovisual collection for patron self-selection. We are currently trying to schedule a Bibliotheca site visit for late January for installation and testing of software to be used in Circulation Services. Once that software is operational, we hope the final pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and we can set a rollout date. We are very eager to introduce this new service to the Urbana community!

October 22, 2013

Self-check Kiosk Update

We continue to make progress toward the introduction of the library's self-check kiosks. Due to unforeseen glitches in the project, and with the holidays approaching, it becomes more likely that the rollout of the kiosks and new security gates will be bumped to late winter.

Later this week, Bibliotheca will install software on the self-check kiosks that was developed to read older versions of security tags in Champaign Public Library's items. Once that software is installed, tested, and functional, the underlying code can be repurposed for the software that will be used to check in and out at the Circulation Desk. Polaris also has promised to give us a timeline for completing the necessary work on the circulation software by Friday, October 25.


October 7, 2013

Update on the Self-check Kiosks

We are thrilled to report that the tagging of the print collection is nearly complete! The four self-check kiosks have arrived and we are configuring them and testing them behind the scenes. A few snags have arisen with the software, but we are working closely with both Bibliotheca and Polaris to get them resolved. Unfortunately, these issues will delay our rollout of self-check, but we will post new milestones as soon as possible.


October 6, 2013

Re-organization of Children's Non-fiction

Last night, a group of library staff and volunteers, worked after the library closed on Saturday, and before the library opened on Sunday, to begin the re-organization of the non-fiction shelves in Children's Services.  No worries -- the non-fiction shelves are in the same location!  But shelves have been added in some places and removed in other places to create an overall narrower footprint for the non-fiction.   The re-organization will allow us to create collaborative space and future browsing space for audiovisual materials.

As of today, only the non-fiction shelves on the south side of Children's Services have been re-organized (000 - 699).  The anticipated re-organization of the north side of the non-fiction shelves (700 - 999 and Biography) is planned for Friday evening, October 11, 2013. 

If you have any questions, the staff of Children's Services are always on hand to help. 


August 15, 2013

Children’s Services is Going for a New Look!

After several years of pondering the best way to create more collaborative space for parents and children, we are ready to roll-up our sleeves and get to work. 

The re-organized space will permit parents and caregivers the opportunity to work on their laptops while also watching their children; allow better access to new materials; and let us move the DVDs, audiobooks, and music CDs on public browsing shelves so users can take advantage of the new self checkout kiosks (coming in the fall).  Imagine being able to check out your children’s materials in Children’s Services—parents we have talked to are very excited about the prospect! 

Over the next month you might notice some of the children’s collection being moved around a bit.  But have no fear!  The children’s staff will be there to show you around our new and improved space.


August 2, 2013

Kiosk update. The self-check kiosks have been ordered and will arrive in approximately four weeks. Once they do arrive, the library will begin testing and configuring the kiosks behind the scenes. There is much that needs to be done before they will be ready for public use, but we are making progress!


July 15, 2013

As we transition to the option for self checkout for library users, you may notice library staff working diligently in the stacks affixing tags to the book collection, prepping them for use with self checkout stations.  We anticipate completing the tagging of the Children's Serices collection on the ground floor the week of July 14, and will subsequently move on to tag the Adult Services collections on the first and second floors. 

Once the self checkout stations are ordered and they arrive, they will need to be installed, tested, and tweaked.  We anticipate the timeline for the introduction of self checkout "sometime in the fall." 

If you have a question, feel free to contact


July 1, 2013

Soon the new DVDs in our Adult Services collection will have a different look. We will keep the original cases and add new security tags so the DVDs will be shelf-ready when we introduce self checkout stations in a few short months. You may already have noticed this change in our new Children's DVDs.

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