Book Donations for Sales Accepted Year-Round

Are you ready to re-purpose some of your books? If you're considering donating your gently used books, here are some guidelines:

  • Donations are accepted throughout the year, during the hours the library is open.
  • Please bring your donations in non-returnable boxes or bags.
  • We love receiving gently used books that are in good condition, including commercially produced CDs and DVDs, encyclopedias published before 1930 or after 1990, and text books if they are newer than five years, or old enough to be considered vintage.
  • We are not able to accept items that simply won't sell, including outdated computer manuals, magazines, catalogs, professional journals, condensed books, books involving statutes, regulations, or taxes, travel guides older than two years, and items without their covers. We also cannot accept cards, calendars, games, or puzzles.
  • Please recycle the following—items that are damaged, moldy, damp, or infested, computer software, VHS and audiocassette tapes, homemade CDs or DVDs, or leftovers from another organization’s sale.