Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteer

Position Summary

The Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteer assists staff in providing easy access to Library materials. Detail-oriented people are needed to make sure each section of the Library is clean and in order alphabetically and numerically. Volunteers will check to be sure each section has labels that are easy to read.

Major Responsibilities
• Shelf-reading the collection
• Clearing trash and dusting the shelves as necessary
• Pulling unreadable, faded labels for replacement
• Straightening shelves as you work
• Working independently and assisting with other duties as assigned

Time Commitment
• One to two hours once a week

• Detail-oriented self-starter, once trained
• Ability to be on your feet for most of the time
• Ability to bend, lift, reach, and stretch
• Ability to alphabetize and put items in numerical order

Training and Support
• Orientation and training will be provided.

Benefits of Volunteering as an Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteer
• You get to explore in the sections you like best at a terrific Library.
• You are able to help the community and the Library staff maintain a well-ordered, easy-to-read collection.

Volunteer Application (PDF)

Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement (PDF)