Comic Con: Celebrating Comics and Fandom Since 2016

Saturday, August 13 • 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Join us for an all day Comic Con: from dungeon crawling D&Ders to Death Note loving otakus to gamers who just want one more hour of Minecraft or Super Smash Bros, and hardcore Supernatural fans who makes memes for every situation, we embrace all fandoms.  So dress up in your favorite cosplay and prepare for a day full of all the pop-culture and geeky things you love.

Comic Con is generously sponsored by Peggy and Bob Podlasek in memory of Greg Bliss and by Illini Media.

PDF of the Comic Con '16 Flyer


11 a.m. • Lewis Auditorium • Teen/Adult
Comic artist, Damian Duffy, on how to turn all kinds of stuff into comics.

Noon • Busey-Mills Reading Room • All Ages
Fans of Black Butler unite for an expo on the manga/anime.

1 p.m. • Lewis Auditorium • Teen/Adult
Animator, Nina Paley, on creating animation, plus clips of her latest work.

1 p.m. • Busey-Mills Reading Room • Teen/Adult
Game makers, Volition, on making video games.

2 p.m. • Busey-Mills Reading Room • All Ages
Comic Artist Panel
with a Q&A on drawing and getting published.

4 p.m. Lewis Auditorium • Teen/Adult
Comic scholar, Carol Tilley, talks Wonder Woman and other great women in comics.



10 a.m. Cherry Alley • All Ages
– Medieval combat demonstration.  After the demonstration, there will be a chance to ask questions and try it yourself!

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. • Cafe Area • All Ages
Board Games
– Play with the Library’s collection of board games or set up your own RPG campaign with our D&D and other role-playing guides.

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Children's Services • All Ages
Fabulous with the Fablab
– CU’s very own Fablab has crafts and tech for you to see how to build the cosplay of your dreams or just create something worthy of a hero (or villain).

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Satterthwaite Conference Room • All Ages
Video Games
Smash Brothers and more.  Replay your favorite games or discover new ones.  Press "start" to continue.

12 Noon - 3 p.m. & 3 p.m.-5p.m. • Cafe Area • All Ages
Dungeons & Dragons
Titan Games is running two different DnD campaigns.  If you've never played don't worry!

3 p.m. Lewis Auditorium • All Ages
Speed Drawing Contest
– In a limited time, draw an original character or create your very own one-page comic.  Prizes for the winners!

3 p.m.Busey-Mills Reading Room • All Ages
Design Board Games with CUDO Plays (Workshop) -
Do you ever look at Clue or Settlers of Catan and think, "I could make that"?  This workshop is your chance.

5 p.m. •  Meet in Lewis Auditorium • All Ages
Cosplay Parade
– What Comic Con would be complete without cosplay?  Come dressed as your favorite character and strut through the library to show it off.


Offsite/Events at Large

All Day • All Ages
Art Show
– Come to the Art Coop in Lincoln Square Mall for a showing of local artists.  Let us know which is your favorite. 

1 p.m. • All Ages
Steve Bryant
– Comic creator of Ghoul Scouts Night of the Unliving Undead will be signing at Action Jackson Comics.

6 p.m. • Busey Bank Drive-through • All Ages
Pre-movie Arts and Crafts

8:30 p.m. • All Ages
My Neighbor Totoro – Once the sun is down, the Library and Urbanalove will be showing My Neighbor Totoro outside in the Busey Bank drive-through.

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