Video Game Collection

Video Game Let the Library Video Game Collection help you try out new games or quickly revisit old favorites from childhood.  Check out games for PS2, PS3, PS4, DS and 3DS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii and WiiU!

  • Take game cases to the circulation desk to check them out.
  • Check out up to five games at a time.
  • Keep the games for a week, with up to ten renewals unless there is a request by another borrower.
  • If something you want is checked out, place a hold. Staff will be happy to help you place your hold.
  • There is a 50¢ late fee per day if a game is returned overdue.

Want to try games we don’t have?  We’re always looking for suggestions (or feedback) on what to add next!  Please send your inquiries, comments, and suggestions to