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The Library maintains a large and diverse collection of print magazines for patrons, from general interest titles like Entertainment Weekly and The New Yorker to publications that cater to more specialized audiences. We generally keep one year of back issues for monthly publications, three years for quarterlies, and three months for those that are published weekly. Most magazines are located on the first floor in the southeast reading room, with the current issue available for in-library use and previous issues available for check out.



The Library has an eclectic and highly acclaimed film collection of popular titles, cult classics, documentaries, and international language films. The Library also now offers free streaming and download of movies and tv shows through two services: Kanopy and Hoopla.




The Library's music collection is notable for both its breadth and depth. From the latest chart-topper to historic recordings of Paraguayan flute music, we’ve got it covered. Baroque to avant-garde, opera to rap, ragtime to modern jazz, classic to forgotten; a musical extravaganza awaits!  In addition the Library now provides free music streaming / downloading of thousands of albums in all genres with Hoopla.


Personalized Reading List

Tell us about a few of your most (and least) favorite books, and we'll pick a few more we think you might like. That's all there is to it.




Seed Exchange

A seed exchange is a place where you can "check out" seeds and bring back new seeds from your harvest!




Suggest a Purchase

The Library welcomes your title suggestions for the collection. 




3D Printing

Library patrons can now submit 3D print requests to be printed on the Library's 3D printer. With this service, Library staff will take 3D designs you create or download from the Internet and "print" a three-dimensional object in plastic.


Video Game Collection

Let the Library Video Game Collection help you try out new games or quickly revisit old favorites from childhood. Check out games for PS2, PS3, PS4, DS and 3DS, Xbox One, Wii and WiiU!




Vox Books

VOX Books are printed books that provide full professional audio narration using an audio reader attached to the book. The VOX collection includes picture books, non-fiction picture books, and easy to read titles.  Studies have shown that VOX Books users improve their reading comprehension by 75% and improve their reading accuracy by over 50%. Thank you to the Friends of The Urbana Free Library for providing the funding to launch this collection!