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Local Information—For Your Convenience

You may visit us for our books, computer lab, programs or genealogical resources, but The Urbana Free Library can also be your go-to source for local information. We can help make your life easier by providing one convenient place to obtain many different handouts or snippets of news or to take care of daily tasks.

Our cultural and community information bulletin boards are packed with posters announcing performances, meetings, official announcements, and local activities.

Learn a Language with Mango!

Mango LanguagesHave you ever tried our online language program, Mango Languages?  (It’s available to all Urbana Free Library cardholders.)   This year I’ve been working on my Spanish and – in anticipation of a trip – trying to learn a little Turkish.   

They Also Served

War Dogs book jacketDogs—man’s best friends. And for those in our armed services, man’s stalwart protectors and companions.

Discover more with these recent titles celebrating our canine heroes.