Urbana Free Library's Free WiFi

" "From time to time, we get questions at the Reference Desk about the Library’s WiFi. The most frequent question is, does the Library provide WiFi for patrons to use? The answer is yes! But we also get asked several other questions about the WiFi at the Library. Let me answer some other questions you might have. 

Does the Library provide WiFi?

Is the WiFi free?

What is the WiFi’s name?
Urbana Free Library

Who provides the WiFi?
The Library's WiFi is generously provided by Volo Broadband.

Is it password protected?
No. Once you connect, you are online.

What device do I need to access the WiFi?
Any device that is WiFi enabled. This includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, or handheld gaming devices such as a 3DS or Nintendo Switch.

Where in the Library can I use the WiFi?
Anywhere! The WiFi is offered throughout the Library.

What if my phone/tablet is dead and I can’t use it to connect to the WiFi?
You can use our Charging Station on the first floor to charge most phones and tablets! The charging station is across from the information desk at the end of the circulation desk, on a short table between the fax machine and the scanner.

Does the WiFi have a time limit?

What else can I do using the WiFi?
Anything you would do using WiFi anywhere else! This includes:

  • Accessing the Library’s databases and their apps for your phone or tablet. You still need to enter your valid library card number to access the databases, just as you would at home.
  • Stream music or videos
  • Watch DVDs
  • Access materials in My Media Mall. You can stream audiobooks from OverDrive over the WiFi if you don’t want to download them to your phone or use up your data.
  • Save your data plan! Come to the Library to download and install software updates, download apps, and get all your browsing done here.
  • Browse the Internet

You could even spend all day watching cat videos if you wish.

- Joella T.