Interesting Ordinances from Urbana, 1916

Seal of the City of Urbana, Ill.Our first post about Urbana City Codes was from 1954. After seeing some of the interestingly worded codes from that year what will Ordinances of City of Urbana Illinois of 1916 have in store? Read on to find out.

For those ordinances that still exist in some form, the current code will be listed. The current Code of Ordinances City of Urbana, Illinois can be found on Municode.

Chapter V: Bicycles
Section 4. Carry Bell or Whistle, ETC.

Any person, or persons riding upon the sidewalks of any of the public streets, any bicycles, or wheels, shall have and carry upon their wheel a bell or whistle and shall sound the same when approaching any pedestrian at a distance of not less than one hundred (100) feet from said pedestrian, and continue sounding such whistle or bell until such pedestrian’s attention is called to the approach of said bicycle. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be subject to penalty of not less than three dollars nor more than fifty dollars.

Current Code: Chapter 23 Article XI Sec. 23-144. - Riding on sidewalks.
Author’s Comments: Don’t ride your bicycle on the sidewalk in a central business district. It is against city code.

Chapter XXXIV: Misdemeanors
Section 23. Carrying Away Cap or Lid of Gas, Water Systems, etc.

Whoever shall wilfully[sic] remove, destroy, or carry away any cap or lid connected with or attached to the water service, or sewage or drainage system of the city or the service box of gas companies placed upon sidewalks or public grounds of the city, shall be subject to a penalty of not less than three dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.

Current Code: Chapter 15 Sec. 15-34. - Same—Caps or lids connected with water, sewerage or gas companies.

Section 42: Injuring Public Buildings, Fences, etc., or Carrying Away or Injuring Plants etc. in Parks or Parking
Whoever shall willfully or carelessly break any street lamp, or city pump, well or cistern, or in any manner damage the same, or shall cut, carve, peel, bark, or deface or in any manner injure any tree, shrub, plant, or flower in any street, park or public ground, or in any manner cut, mark, carve, deface or damage any pavilion, or any building of any kind or nature in any park or public ground, or any building belonging to the city of Urbana, or shall in any manner cut, mark, carve, deface, injure, or damage any church or school grounds, or any park or public ground, or damage or destroy, or take or carry away any tree, shrub, plant, flower, or any vase of statuary, in any public ground or park, shall be subject to a penalty of not less than five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars.

Current Code: Chapter 15 Sec. 15-33. - Damage to property. Some of the items listed above are covered by this current code. While it doesn’t specifically say plants, it does say damage to city property.

- Shalini S., Archives Assistant