Roll Out the Red Carpet

Pens to Lens photo of screenwriters We are one week away from a very exciting event in our community....the 3rd Annual Pens to Lens Gala at the Virginia Theater!  Next Saturday, August 15 local screenwriters will be honored with a movie premiere of their work.  Red carpet events start at 1 and 5, with showings at 2 and 6.  The earlier event will feature screenwriters in grades k-8, while the later event will highlight those in grades 8-12.  Tickets can be purchased ahead of time, with a pass for both events only $12.  This gala and the screenwriting contest are made possible through the tireless volunteer efforts of the CU Film Society, Champaign Movie Makers and CUDO.  If you want to hear the scoop straight from one of the screenwriters, you may be interested to read Melissa Merli's News Gazette interview with Urbana student Lillian Hall  Congratulations, Lillian!  -Elaine B.