Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cath Avery is…

1. An 18 year old girl starting college as a freshman and moving away from home for the first time.
2. A twin learning how to face the world on her own, since her sister Wren (who goes to the same school) is too preoccupied with branching out and meeting new people.
3. A freshman stuck living with an upperclassman named Reagan (who doesn’t seem to like Cath at first, and who always has a tagalong friend / boyfriend? named Levi hanging around their dorm room).

Cath Avery likes…

1. SIMON SNOW!!! (think Harry Potter, with vampires)
2. Simon Snow fan fiction, Simon Snow books, Simon Snow movies, Simon Snow bedding, Simon Snow fan-art, and SIMON SNOW!
3. Writing Simon Snow fan fiction (and actually being really, really good at it with a pretty significant following on her fan fic blog)
4. Hanging out with Reagan and Levi whenever she isn’t working on Simon Snow fan fiction (or doing homework…).
5. Levi… or Nick?

For anyone who fell in love with Eleanor and Park, I’m pleased to recommend Rainbow Rowell’s second book for young adults, Fangirl.

When Lydia reviewed Eleanor and Park last August, she said it “breathe[d] fresh air into teenage romance and shatter[ed] your expectations of stereotypical characters.”

This, my friends, is completely true for Fangirl as well, so I hope you add it to your reading list or request it today!

Happy Reading!