Snow, Hedgehogs, and Jan Brett’s 69th Birthday!

The cover of a retelling of the gingerbread man by Jan BrettIt is now the month of snow and peppermint here in the Midwest, and the perfect time to sit down with one of famed author illustrator Jan Brett’s many books as we celebrate her 69th birthday. I think most of us have gotten lost in the pages of a Jan Brett book at one time, spending hours poring over the pages to find every single detail possible among the illustrations. Her fanciful and yet, realistic, images have captured audience’s hearts and attention for decades. It is easy to be sucked into not just the story that Jan Brett is telling through her text, but also the side stories unfolding through the illustrations on the sides of the pages.

The level of detail in Jan Brett’s books are deliberate as the author illustrator is attempting to recreate that feeling of entering a book from her childhood. It is this feeling that inspired Jan Brett to draw her way to art school where she learned to study the details of anything that inspired her so she could bring them to life in her own style. She now explores the world for inspiration, taking in the details of cultures and lives that somehow find their way into her books. So, this December get comfortable with an adventurous hedgehog and help celebrate Jan Brett’s 69th birthday.