Remembering Our History and Honoring this Author’s 103rd Birthday

A cover of one of many of Jean fritz's many historical worksNovember is a month of history, so this November we are honoring what would be the 103rd birthday of Jean Fritz. She is an author of historical books for children, specifically about those people who played an interesting role at one time in our nation’s history. This amazing woman made history readily available and understandable to children of all ages, introducing some of us to the interesting facts and stories that make up our history. Famous figures such as George Washington, Pocahontas, and Paul Revere all came to life through her works, beginning many a child on the road of historical exploration.

Jean Fritz has even written a book about her own experience growing up in China and how she felt attempting to connect to American culture upon her arrival in the States. Her story, Homesick, My Own Story, won the 1983 National Book Award and a few honors, while also showing the importance of culture and history from a child’s perspective to a national audience. Throughout her life Jean Fritz uncovered many historical figures and shared their adventures with the world. So, this November take a moment to remember this historical figure on what would be her 103rd birthday.