October Beats and Nikki Grimes’ 68th Birthday!

A cover of one of Nikki Grimes' many books about life and love, "Welcome Precious."This October we are taking a moment to celebrate famed author and poet Nikki Grimes and her 68th birthday. This fantastic and heartfelt force of nature has been exploring poetry and presenting it to the world since she was 6. She is best known for her Coretta Scott King award winning book Bronx Masquerade, but she has written numerous other award-winning and honor books throughout her career.

Nikki Grimes was born in Harlem, New York, and quickly developed a taste for poetry in her younger years. She even presented her own poetry when she was just 13 years old at her local library. She has since gone on to write books of poetry and fiction that explore the world we live in and how Nikki experiences it herself. A number of her books have either won awards or been nominated for a number by both the ALA and the Poetry Foundation. In her own time Nikki has also helped educators and inspired young poets through her community service and workshops. She is also a craftswoman of accessories, loves to sing and dance, and greatly enjoys the color purple. So, this October 20th take some time to enjoy one of Nikki Grimes’ many books and help celebrate the 68th birthday of this incredible woman.