The bees in your backyard : a guide to North America's bees book coverFor some of us the only connection we think we have with bees is our irritation when they bombard our summer picnic, or they sting us when we walk in the grass without our shoes or they buzz around in our cars and we can't get them out. But, there is a wild story behind the bee world ranging from how they are all-important in the production of our food, to how they help pollinate flowers by flying from flower to flower sipping nectar and collecting pollen.  Bees live in all sorts of places- some live in holes in the ground, some live in tunnels they drill into wood, some live in nests they build from leaves and mud. There are over 4,000 species of “native bees” in the United States and they are fascinating to watch, from afar!  They are also fascinating to read about, so consider starting here-

-Ann P.