Blast from the Past: Influential Artists release new music!

Here at The Urbana Free Library we take great pride in bringing you a wide range of great new music. Recently, some of the greatest artists working in music have released new albums, some after years of silence!:

First, we have to mention the biggest news in music this year- 22 years after releasing the classic Loveless , Ireland’s My Bloody Valentine have finally released the follow-up (titled MBV), and it’s pretty amazing. Driven by Kevin Shields’ swirling guitar and Bilinda Butcher’s ethereal vocals, My Bloody Valentine was one of the seminal groups of what came to be known as “shoe gazer”, and continue to make some of the most beautiful guitar based music around. Although there had been rumors that a new record was imminent, no release date was set. Without warning MBV was released suddenly on the bands website in the middle of the night in January. Word spread quickly, and soon the band’s site crashed due to heavy traffic. If you are not familiar with My Bloody Valentine, check out this live track from Loveless: To Here Knows When.

You really should check out other shoe gazer bands as well, particularly  Slowdive and Lush

David Bowie has also been quiet for the better part of a decade and returns this month with The Next Day. Not familiar with Bowie? Check out Heroes.

Arguably the best hardcore punk band ever, after six years (since 2007’s Build a Nation) the Washington D.C. based Bad Brains return with Into the Future.

Finally, famed guitarist for the Smiths, Johnny Marr, releases his first solo record this month with The Messenger. Check out Johnny Marr’s influential guitar with the Smiths on How Soon Is Now?


Remember, The library receives new music all the time, and we take great care to bring you quality artists and titles. If you would like something that we don’t have, please let us know by making a request for purchase. Keep checking here for news and reviews, and let us know what music you love. Enjoy!