Sand and Surf

cover of The Brilliant Deep by Kate MessnerJust arrived - two fascinating books about water.  The first, Christy Hale’s Water Land: Land and Water Forms Around the World ingeniously uses shapes and die-cut pages to describe water and land forms.  Not only does it help you understand the difference between water forms like a bay and a strait, it ingeniously juxtaposes land and water forms you wouldn’t expect.  For example, a system of lakes, with a page turn, becomes an archipelago (a group of islands).  So unique!  This is a perfect to read before a summer trip to the beach.  Another really interesting book is Kate Messner’s The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs.  With great books like Over and Under the Snow, Messner now tackles the underwater world of the Forida Keys’ coral reefs, and one man’s attempt to rebuild them with the help of epoxy glue, his daughter, and a lot of patience.  If you feel inspired to see a real-life coral reef, stop by the Library for a view of Brandon Rutherford’s Coral Reef Project at the circulation desk and the children’s question desk.  –Elaine B.