Boy, a new film from New Zealand.

There have been a lot of great movies that have come out on DVD lately, and I am slowly working my way through my “to watch” list. One of my recent favorites is Boy, which takes place in New Zealand in 1984. It centers on the titular character, called Boy, who is 11 years-old and lives with his grandmother, little brother Rocky, and a passel of small cousins on the coast of New Zealand. He loves hanging out with his friends and confiding in his pet goat, and his hero is Michael Jackson. When his long absent father suddenly reappears in his life, he has to reconcile the reality of his father with the myths he has built in his head. I found this movie to be utterly charming. Boy’s story is at times goofy, heart-warming, and sad, and filled with memorable characters. And there is a great dance number at the end, so make sure to stick around for that. You can view the trailer here.

I was looking forward to the release of Boy after having seen a great short film by the same director (Taika Watiti, who also plays the dad in Boy), Two Cars One Night, which was included on an installment of Wholphin. This short film is also included in the bonus feathers on DVD version of Boy, so I recommend checking that one out as well!