The End of the Tour: Spotlight on David Foster Wallace

There’s no doubt that the release of the End of the Tour  – the compelling new film about David Foster Wallace – will inspire those who’ve never read the author’s work to explore it, and those who love his work, to go back to his books for more.  End of the Tour was featured at this year’s Ebertfest, and a packed house watched Jason Segel’s tour de force performance as the “titanically gifted writer with an equally troubled soul.” (a description from the New York Times)

David Foster Wallace has strong local connections – he graduated from Urbana High School and taught at ISU in Bloomington.  His death by suicide shocked those who had come to see him as one of his generation’s literary giants.  His talent has a wide expression – short stories, essays, and monumentally long fiction (like his masterpiece Infinite Jest ).  Those especially interested in his life might also read Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace (by D. T. Max) .

On the release of Consider the Lobster and Other Essays, the Los Angeles Times Book Review said that, “There is no writer alive more incisive and hilarious, more ruthlessly tender, when it comes to documenting the perversities of modern American life.”  Read him for the first time or rediscover his books at your Urbana Free Library...

- cpi