Next Wave of Musical Instruments!

Photograph from Prairie Breezes Mini Concerts for KidsI’m excited to say that the Library now offers even more music equipment for check-out.  There are several new drum options, like the set of six hand drums, nested inside each other for easy transport, the seven drum djembe set so that everyone can join in music-making fun, or the child-sized steel drum.  Other options include a folk rhythm set that includes a limberjack and washboard, a child-sized guitar, and a ukulele.  Lastly, there is a listening center and a stand-alone CD player.  As with other previously released music equipment for children, many of the items come with instructional materials like books or DVDs, or music to play along with.  For a full list of the Music Equipment Collection for Children, follow this link.  I  hope you find something to try and capture a moment together with your children, whether at home or in a classroom.  –Elaine B.