There's Someone Inside Your House

There's Someone Inside Your House cover artYou know that feeling when you swear you left your phone on the table but it's not there, and later you find it in the kitchen but you don't remember leaving it there?  That slow trickle of dread traveling down your spine, because even though you found your phone, you KNOW that is NOT where you left it? 

But that must be where you left it, and you just forgot.  You’re home alone and no one else is around to move it.  You've made a mistake and definitely just forgot.  Don't scare yourself over nothing and act like a baby.  Next time you'll be more careful about remembering where you put your phone.

What if you hadn't forgotten though?  What if somebody did move it when you weren't looking?  Somebody you didn't know was in the house with you.

That's what's happening in Stephanie Perkin's novel, There's Someone Inside Your House.

When Makani Young's fellow high school students start dying in gruesome ways, everyone is searching for something that connects them.  Did they bully the same kid?  Was there a torrid love triangle?  But as the body count starts rising and kids are dying seemingly at random, a few things become clear; don't go anywhere alone and watch who you trust.

If you're thinking this isn't a book you want to read in the dark, I'd say you're right.  It's got the same slow building psychological tension that the best horror movies do. The kind that makes you want to hide your eyes behind your hands because you know the killer is about to strike, but you don't know how, and nobody in the movie knows they're about to die, but they are.  It's that kind of book, and man is it good.  Just maybe leave the lights on when you read it.

Lauren C.