You CAN wed Mr. Darcy

Marrying Mr. Darcy box coverTrounce your rivals for Mr. Darcy’s matrimonial hand by winning an awesome board game, Marrying Mr. Darcy. That’s all it takes to become betrothed to the literary man of your dreams.

Fans of Jane Austen’s classic, understated romance Pride & Prejudice can be found everywhere. The lusciously aloof Fitzwilliam Darcy draws many readers to this book. He stands as an example of the perfect Regency hero, and makes wistful readers wish they could change places with Elizabeth Bennet for even a day.

But now do something proactive. Instead of rereading the original novel or enjoying one of the many reimaginings, compete to win Mr. Darcy’s hand by stepping into the delicate shoes of one of novel’s iconic characters!

Marrying Mr. Darcy: the Pride and Prejudice card game is a role-playing game for 2-6 heroines that’s sure to please. While away a pleasant hour, for there are events to attend, cunning strategy to employ, and suitors to attract. If not Mr. Darcy, perhaps Mr. Bingley or Mr. Wickham would suffice

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