All the Stories Are True

 Ok, so I’m a little slow to the party. We blogged about this series last summer when the City of Bones movie was coming out. But I just started reading this series about a month ago, and I flew through all the books. And now the sixth and final book, City of Heavenly Fire, is coming out in about a month, and I am pumped! We have an On Order record (which means we know we’re going to buy the book, so we let you place a hold on it before it actually comes out), and I just put my name on it!

So, what’s it about (for those of you like me who have been ignorant of this awesomeness)? Well, the Shadowhunter’s have a saying:  all the stories are true. Demons? Real. Angels? Real. Vampires? Real. Magic? Real. Werewolves? Real. Mummies? Don’t be silly, mummies aren’t real. But don’t let the mummy-free world discourage you.

We follow Clary, a teenage Brooklynite who has no notion of the supernatural. But when she begins to see things, mysterious people with strange markings that no one else can see, a boy who sprouts razor-sharp teeth, she begins to question everything. Her mother has tried to shelter her, but when her mother is kidnapped, Clary has no choice but to dive headfirst into the supernatural to get her back.

She learns about Shadowhunters, warriors who fight against demons. About runes, the markings Shadowhunters give themselves to make them stronger, faster, quieter, even to heal themselves. Some are permanent, some fade when used. She learns about Downworlders, who are the Children of the Moon (werewolves), Night’s Children (vampires), Fair Folk (faeries:  half angel, half demon) and Children of Lilith (warlocks). She learns about the Clave, the governing body of Shadowhunters who strive to eradicate demons and keep the Downworlders in check. She learns a lot of things her mother kept from her.

What’s not to love about this series? There’s magic, betrayal, friendship, passion, family, a new small country between France and Germany, a fight against good and evil. The bad guys aren’t always so bad, and the good guys aren’t always so good. Except demons. They’re pretty much 100% evil.