The Next Wizard King May Have No Magic.... What?!

Black Clover Vol. 1 cover artThe most powerful wizard rules as the wizard king in Black Clover by Yuki Tabata.  So what's the goal for two teens when they reach the testing age to join the wizard mages (think magic knights)?  To raise through the ranks and become the next wizard king of course!  Astra figures it'll only take him a few years to become king.  His complete lack of magical talent is beside the point.  He is DETERMINED.  Yuno is more realistic about how long it will take (however long it takes) and absurdly powerful when it comes to magic.


The two have been best friends since they were little, and despite their difference in power levels they've stayed friends.  When he comes of age, Yuno gets a grimoire marked with a four leaf clover.  The same symbol as the original wizard king.  It marks him as someone to watch. 


Astra gets.... nothing.  At first.  Then a black grimoire marked with a five leaf clover finds him.  He still has no magic (Nothing. Nada. He's the most magically inept person anyone has ever seen).  But the grimoire gifts him with the ability to nullify magic.  In a world where your magical strength is all that counts, does anti-magic count as a power?


This manga reminds me a lot of Naruto and Fairy Tail.  It's funny with lots of action.  It does do one thing that a lot of manga don't.  In most Yuno and Astra would be rivals who hate each other.  In Black Clover they're rivals but they're still friends and they back each other up.  It's oddly refreshing.


It's also really funny.  Astra gets himself into a lot of trouble.  He's kind of bumbling and delusional in the way that only manga characters can be and still be endearing. 


So if you're looking for a new series that isn't grim and dark, give Black Clover a try.  It doesn’t disappoint.


Lauren C.