Otakus Unite! (also Jellyfish Fashion)

Princess Jellyfish Vol 1 cover artProtect the otaku house!  The residents of Amamizukan all have topics they geek out over.  And they're all completely different.  But what bonds them is an understanding that their individual passions are all consuming and generally looked down on by the rest of the world.  Actually, none of them do to well with regular people and everyday life.  Even holding a normal conversation is hard when people don't get their very specific geeky references.  Amamizukan is the only place they feel safe. 

Tsukimi Kurashita loves jellyfish.  She knows every type of jellyfish and how to care for it.  And she is SERIOUS about the proper care of jellyfish.  That is why when she sees a pet store has a jellyfish (what, your pet store doesn't have jellyfish?) in the wrong environment she feels compelled to tell them, and then to buy the jellyfish when the problem isn't fixed.  The only issue is, she doesn't exactly have money (oops).  But a strange glamorous woman, Kuronosuke, helps her and helps transport the new jellyfish to Amamizukan.  Glamorous un-otaku people aren't normally allowed in Amamizukan (and you can forget men being allowed in; that is forbidden), but Tsukimi can't be rude to the woman who helped her save the jellyfish.  What to do?  Her new "friend" won't take no for an answer. 

Add to that an unsavory realtor's plot to buy Amamizukan out from under the otakus, and Tsukimi's life gets completely turned upside down.

Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura is hilarious.  Take all your manga tropes and stereotypes of otakus and throw them out the window into a tank swimming with jellyfish in wigs.  There is a great plot.  It's not complete nonsense like Nichijou, but at least to begin with the plot gets played for laughs until the characters are established and you get drawn into their lives.  Then you will get very, very invested in protecting Amamizukan and wanting everyone to be happy.  You'll get drawn in by the laughs and by the time the story gets serious, you'll be hooked.  This is the series that I can't wait for the next volume to come out.  The characters are all memorable and get room to shine.  There's also a really big twist that I want to talk about, but won't because I don't want to spoil it!

Lauren C.