Feasting on Books

cover of In the Midle of Fall by Kevin Henkes This morning I had the pleasure of opening Kevin Henkes' new book In the Middle of Fall, illustrated by Laura Dronzek.  His words speak to our days as we move towards December: "In the middle of Fall, / when the leaves / have already turned / and the sky is mostly gray / and the air is chilly..."  As with his other books, Henkes evokes feelings by focusing on common experiences - squirrels, pumpkins, leaves.  Though written for preschoolers to second grade, I shared this book during Babies' Lap Time this morning to observe the response.  The book had a calming effect on a group of 35 babies and caregivers.  Awe-inspiring is the word that comes to mind.  Even for adults.  Sometimes the best kind of book feast is one that helps you pause and say "wow."  May you find awe-inspiring moments in the coming season. -Elaine B.