This Adventure Just Might Kill You...And Your Best Friend

Zed and Brock are best friends...even though they don’t have much in common. Zed is from the Servants Guild, one of the poorest groups in the City of Freestone, while Brock is from the wealthier Merchants Guild. Zed is shy and quiet, while Brock is bold and mischievous. Zed is half elf, the only one left in Freestone. Half elves aren’t liked much because Foster Pendleton, the man responsible for nearly destroying the world hundreds of years ago, was half elf. But Zed and Brock stick together no matter what.
And they had no idea how closely they’d be sticking together. The day has come for a Guildculling, the time each year when the different guilds of Freestone pick which children they want to become members of their group. Zed and Brock always assumed they’d be in different guilds. Zed has a natural magical ability and has always dreamed of being a mage in the Silverglows. Brock has been studying his whole life to join the Merchants Guild like his father and his father before him.
Freestone has four High Guilds, which represent the four individuals who rallied together to save Freestone after Foster blurred the lines between realities and allowed monsters to invade their world. Now Freestone, one of the last safe cities in the world, would fall if not for the Stone Sons, knights who protect the city from within; the Silverglows, mages and sorcerers whose power creates a protective wall around the city; the Golden Way, healers who treat all regardless of class or status; and the Merchants Guild, founded by a former spy and thief who earned the name of Assassin after he killed Foster while he was performing the ritual that threatened the world.
Zed is accepted by the Silverglows. His dreams of developing his magical ability and pulling his mother out of poverty finally seem possible. That is, until the Sea of Stars, or Adventurers Guild, drafts him. The Adventurers Guild is allowed to take recruits from other guilds because their job is the most important. They are the only guild who travels outside the protection of the walls, the only ones who fight the monsters that threaten Freestone and the rest of the world.
Brock is accepted into the Merchants Guild, just as everyone knew he would be. But he has a secret. The leader of the guild has asked him to continue the job of the guild’s founder and become a spy. To spy on the Adventurers Guild. They didn’t draft Brock, as the leader of the Merchants Guild hoped they would. But after his best friend’s dreams were dashed by the Sea of Stars, Brock volunteers.
Zed and Brock join two other recruits to learn the ropes in the Adventurers Guild. Of course, it isn’t as simple as surviving in the guild with the highest mortality rate. Something is happening to the wards around the city. Or maybe someone is weakening the magic that protects the city. And Zed, Brock, and their new friends are in the thick of it.
Read The Adventurers Guild by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos for a story filled with magic, adventure, and humor that reminds me of a mix of Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. The best part? Maybe the ba guildleader of the Sea of Stars with sucker scars on her face and a habit of spitting luggies wherever she goes? The spoiled artistocat who was so sure he was going to be a knight, only to cause a huge scene when he isn't chosen, default to the Healer Guild, get kicked out of the Healer Guild, and then join the Sea of Stars? These things and more are awesome, but they aren't the *best* thing. The best thing is:  it’s the first in a series! And I can’t *wait* to get sucked back into this world!